October 25, 2021

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I might disagree a bit or don’t like really the fact that Microsoft renamed & re-designed VSTS to Azure DevOps, but I am sure, there are bigger reasons behind this (something to do with the purchase of Git Hub for $7.5 Billions).

As it would take long time to explain the whole  code version control concepts, in this article, I am assuming you are familiar with VSTS or ‘at least’ TFS, I will summarize what has change ‘AGAIN’ this time, and what might be the reasons behind this

VSTS features are now separate services:

VSTS feature nameAzure DevOps service nameDescription
Build & releaseAzure PipelinesContinuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) that works with any language, platform, and cloud.
CodeAzure ReposUnlimited cloud-hosted private Git and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repos for your project.
WorkAzure BoardsWork tracking with Kanban boards, backlogs, team dashboards, and custom reporting.
TestAzure Test PlansAll-in-one planned and exploratory testing solution.
Packages (extension)Azure ArtifactsMaven, npm, and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources.


So, why is this a big deal to Microsoft and the Eco System ?

  • Get the best of Git Hub
  • Why not attracting other developers for other platforms ($$$) ?
  • Compete against AWS
  • More reasons to deploy to Azure
  • Sell more computing ressources (PAAS, SAAS, IAAS, CAAS…etc.)

In other words, money is the biggest driver for this change (in my opinion).

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