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Office 365 and SharePoint Events / Conferences – 2020

Here is a list of the confirmed Office 365 and SharePoint events confirmed for 2020.

I personally prefer the conferences to a classroom training to gain new skills or update old ones. The reason is simply due to the fact that I can customise my schedule during a training (usually, multiple topics/ sessions are discussed simultaneously) so I can have a custom agenda which will target only the topics I need to improve.

Ok, enough talks about me, here is the list of the events, I hope I can meet you  in one of these.


Event Name Start End Location Website
MS Ignite the Tour – Toronto 08-Jan-20 09-Jan-20 Toronto, Canada
SharePoint Saturday – Virginia Beach 11-Jan-20 11-Jan-20 Virginia Beach, VA
MS Ignite the Tour – Shenzhen 13-Jan-20 14-Jan-20 Shenzhen, China
MS Ignite the Tour – London 16-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 London, UK
MS Ignite the Tour – Seoul 21-Jan-20 22-Jan-20 Seoul, South Korea
MS Ignite the Tour – Osaka 23-Jan-20 24-Jan-20 Osaka, Japan
MS Ignite the Tour – Milan 27-Jan-20 28-Jan-20 Milan, Italy
MS Ignite the Tour – Johannesburg 30-Jan-20 31-Jan-20 Johannesburg, South Africa
MS Ignite the Tour – Washington, DC 06-Feb-20 07-Feb-20 Washington, DC
MS Ignite the Tour – Dubai 10-Feb-20 11-Feb-20 Dubai, UAE
MS Ignite the Tour – Sydney 13-Feb-20 14-Feb-20 Sydney, Australia
MS Ignite the Tour – Taipei 17-Feb-20 18-Feb-20 Taipei, Taiwan
MS Ignite the Tour – Singapore 20-Feb-20 21-Feb-20 Singapore
MS Ignite the Tour – Prague 24-Feb-20 25-Feb-20 Prague, Czechia
MS Ignite the Tour – Copenhagen 27-Feb-20 28-Feb-20 Copenhagen, Denmark
IntraTeam Event – Copenhagen 02-Mar-20 04-Mar-20 Copenhagen, Denmark
MS Ignite the Tour – Zurich 04-Mar-20 04-Mar-20 Zurich, Switzerland
MS Ignite the Tour – Amsterdam 11-Mar-20 12-Mar-20 Amsterdam, Netherlands
MS Ignite the Tour – Shanghai 18-Mar-20 19-Mar-20 Shanghai, China
MS Ignite the Tour – Hong Kong 25-Mar-20 26-Mar-20 Hong Kong, China
MS Ignite the Tour – Madrid 25-Mar-20 26-Mar-20 Madrid, Spain
MS Ignite the Tour – Mexico City 30-Mar-20 31-Mar-20 Mexico City, Mexico
MS Ignite the Tour – Mumbai 02-Apr-20 03-Apr-20 Mumbai, India
MS Ignite the Tour – Bangalore 08-Apr-20 09-Apr-20 Bengaluru, India
MS Ignite the Tour – Chicago 15-Apr-20 16-Apr-20 Chicago, IL
Microsoft Business Applications Summit 20-Apr-20 21-Apr-20 Anaheim, CA
MS Ignite the Tour – Tel Aviv 22-Apr-20 23-Apr-20 Tel Aviv, Israel
MS Ignite the Tour – Berlin 29-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 Berlin, Germany
SharePoint Conference 17-May-20 22-May-20 Las Vegas, NV
MS Ignite the Tour – Stockholm 05-May-20 04-May-20 Stockholm, Sweden
European Collaboration Summit 08-Jun-20 10-Jun-20 Wiesbaden, Germany

Source : Matt Wade (@thatmattwade) for jumpto365 (@jumpto365). Visit for more info.

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