July 5, 2022

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Power Apps – Convert User profile picture to Base64

Today, I will explain how we can convert a picture to a base64 string.

The context for this request is a project in which I allow users to update their profile pictures with a badge showing their skills.

However, as I wanted to provide the users with the capability of restoring back their previous picture in case they dont like the new badge, I had to save the user profile picture in a location where it can be easily retrievable. I’ve opted for a SharePoint list, and created a multi line text field to store the base64 value of the user’s profile picture.


For this demo, I have created:

  • A Canvas app (phone layout).
  • I added into this app the following controls:
    • Label : to display the user full name
    • Image : for the user profile picture
    • Button : to generate the base64 value of the user profile picture, this value is stored in a temporary variable
    • Textbox : to show the variable

The button action is a simple as :

onSelect –>


Once I set the varBase64 variable, I can set the TextBox value to this variable

The result will look like this:

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